City of Solon
Thomas Bandiera, Director of City Services
“As one of the largest communities in Northeast Ohio and with a good deal of intersections and streets to keep cleared, we relied on Haydite to extend our salt mix to tackle the most important job we have- keeping our residents and motorists safe.

City of Independence
Dave Snyderburn, Service Director
“Low on salt and snow in the forecast, last winter we found ourselves in a pinch. Digeronimo Aggregates and their Haydite product came through. With the forecasts for this winter and the threat of shortages, you better believe we’re going to have Haydite in our mix this year.”

Village of Valley View

Randall Westfall, Mayor, Village of Valley View
“Tight budgets for local leaders have forced us to make tough decisions. But when I saw the cost savings of Haydite and saw how well it worked with salt to keep our streets clean and safe long into the winter, the choice to keep a supply of it on hand at all times was a no-brainer. Every municipality needs a supply of Haydite.”

Village of Cuyahoga Heights
Jack Bacci, Mayor, Village of Cuyahoga Heights
“Haydite is the way of the future for snow removal on public roads. It blends well with salt, saves us on costs and is friendly to the environment.”

8900 Hemlock Rd.
Independence, OH 44131

Don’t let the same thing happen this year...IT’S TIME FOR HAYDITE. Last year, the winter challenges that faced municipalities in Northeast Ohio took on a whole new meaning. Mayors, service directors, local leaders and other safety officials scrambled when salt supplies diminished, and the snow kept coming. Don’t let the same thing happen this year that happened last year.

HAYDITE is an additive to salt, that can stretch your salt supplies so you don’t have to worry about running out. The product is non-toxic, and has many of the benefits of traditional rock a lot more. Progressive communities are adding a blend of haydite to their salt supplies this winter in a ratio of 50% salt to 50% haydite, so that the salt they do have can go further. With the price of salt increasing, municipalities are finding a tremendous price advantage to making HAYDITE part of their mixes this winter.

• Better traction than salt for roadways
• Significantly lighter than salt, so you get twice as much for your City’s money
• Doesn’t clump in piles and can be left outside
• Because it’s non-toxic, the supply NEVER goes bad
• Doesn’t damage vehicles or roadside landscaping like salt
• Used as a water-filtration agent, and it won’t clog sewers or catch basins
• Doesn’t destroy road surfaces
• Prevents crusting in your municipal salt-spreaders

And best of all, Haydite is Eco-Friendly, and is used as a soil amendment, so that when it gets spread, it actually improves the environment.

The DiGeronimo tradition
HAYDITE is brought to you by the DiGeronimo Companies, a name that has been associated with top-quality, heavy duty construction and aggregate recycling in Northeast Ohio for more than fifty years.


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